Thursday, October 05, 2006

Circumstance has made a liar of me

So I promised to post some stuff yesterday and that didn't happen. What can I say? I promised to pay a bunch of actors last week and that hasn't happened either. Shit happens... or doesn't happen; after all, I spent most of yesterday waiting around for a meeting that ended up not happening. The pilot thing is happening, but not quite at the speed that I would like it to... I'm getting antsy, feeling like I need to get out of here, get back to the States and raise the money to come back and finish TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL WOMAN as soon as possible.

Funny thing about it, though, is that at the moment I am kinda stranded in Nigeria. When I called the airline to postpone my return last time, I had to give them a "theoretical" date that I might be coming back... I selected September 30th. They said cool, there'll be no problem changing the date again if I have to.

Of course, I couldn't select a date because I wasn't sure exactly when I would be done with the pilot... Come September 30th (last Saturday) I go to the Lufthansa office and they tell me it does't matter what date I choose because I can't change the date on this ticket anymore anyway because I've been in Nigeria for more than three months. So unless I planned on getting on the plane that afternoon, my ticket was worth about as much as toilet paper (and considering the rough edges and low absorbency of an airline ticket, a lot less useful, too).

Anyway, I'll talk more about all that later... In the meantime, I'll post some shit from the vaults.

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