Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I wanna BLO your mind

Damn, am I so tired this evening that I have resorted to that lowest of all humor forms, the pun?

Anyway, I'm not gonna talk too much tonight... I'll just post the music and give some backstory on it tomorrow.

The band is BLO. The album is Chapter One. The year is 1973.


Next morning: Aargh! Just realized I accidentally set the file to "private"! That's fixed now.

Double aargh!: And now I find that I ballsed up the track numbering and the artwork attached to some of the tracks.

Rest assured that the track order is correct and that there are only 8 tracks on this LP rather than 17. The artwork issue (for those who are inclined to care about such) may be remedied by copying/dragging the above album cover and installing it in place of the Step Three cover that might accompany a few of the tracks.


Jakob Hellberg said...

Totally great!!!

AFKAP of Darkness said...

i thought you might dig it, Jake! i'll try to get the next album up later today.

jon said...

Just 'discovered' your blog. Wonderful stuff. by a coincedence i have a Nigerian 45 up on my blog that I found in London in the eighties, by Hubert Ogunde and his Studio Band. check it out.
Also, can I recomend a bit of mac osx software called Audio Hijack. It is what i use to rip vinyl, via a pre amp, it is great as it comes with various vst plug ins, one of which is called Gain Doubler, which can amplify a puny input without doing it too much damage. And Mp3 Trimmer is great for editing etc etc.

AFKAP of Darkness said...

thanks a lot, jon... both for the software recommendations AND for hipping me to your blog! (your tastes are very, very much right up my alley so i'll add you to my blogroll!)

it seems everybody swears by Audio Hijack, so i'll definitely be going with that.