Monday, September 03, 2007

A l'il 70s MPB for ya

I meant to write a proper post today but I didn't really get the time. Still, I didn't want this day to go by without me posting something. How about some Brazilian pop from the 1970s?

Yeah, I know; incredibly crappy picture. I don't have a scanner and I couldn't find any good pics for this compilation online.

The picture doesn't matter, though... It's all about the music here, and this is a pretty decent (if somewhat MOR) overview of the decade, with samba, forro, Phillyesque soul (listen for a guest spot by Brasil Soul Brother No 1 Tim Maia on Fabio's "Até Parece Que Foi Sonho"), funk, rock, and even a track from Os Mutantes' beardy prog-rock phase after they kicked the chick out of the band for not being beardy enough! Iê Xango! You even got MILTON on there!

So yeah... Enjoy an' shit.




J Thyme...kind said...

Dude, That was a pretty harsh rant you layed on me.
Leaving a comment is for "Support". Leaving a comment is for "Navigation". Leaving a comment is for "Feedback". Like, "good one". Like, "more like this". Like "Nice Job".
I'm sorting through hundreds of records & posting the best. Not just a nice album cover.
The quality of ARCHIVING out there is scary.
Ripping, Scans, Uploading & for what? For other bloggers to take your rips & post them on their page without a mention to a nicely presented page.
Do you know long it takes to upload a 180 mb file?
A "Thank you" is not for me. It's gift from the SELF to the UNIVERSE!!!
My page is a HEART CENTERED one & the few kind souls who do respond is the proof.
In every one of my post where there is someone guiding me, THERE IS GRADITUDE.
I put my heart into my page. I don't deserve your hate.

Comb & Razor said...

damn... now i feel kinda bad.