Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back into 45 bin again

Wrinkar Experience - "Soundway"

This is the B-side to "Fuel for Love," as heard on the already-posted first Flashback compilation. (Did the label take its name from this track?)


Evan said...

"I am going SOUNDWAY / C'mon!"
Some people, I'd imagine, enjoy full LP posts more, but I myself am loving these single 45 posts. Got any Hykkers 45s stashed away somewhere? Thanks so much for posting these.

Comb & Razor said...

yeah... i'm kinda enjoying the singles-oriented posts myself, Evan!

i don't *physically* own any Hykkers 45s right now, though i've been trying to acquire some (200 pouinds for a copy of "Stone the Flower"? come ON!)... i do, however, have some rips that i might put up later.

Ebere said...

I have Money to Burn and Fuel For Love, and I was wondering if The Wrinkars experience put out any other 45s or Lps. Any idea what Dan Ian is up to now a days, I read that he was tapping palm wine, but that's hard for me to believe.

Comb & Razor said...

Ebere -

i have heard the palm wine rumor, too... i have no real way of confirming it, but i would not altogether doubt it.

by the way, are you the one who left the comment asking about Dan ian a few days ago?

if so, you will be happy when you check back tomorrow for a new entry on Dan Ian Mbaezue!