Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help Yourself to this!

Yes, I said I was going to put those auctions up on Monday. And yet, today is Thursday and there are nowhere to be found.

"My bad," is all I can say... Computer problems and other technical issues (as well as a good measure of busyness and yes--I admit--a smidgeon of good old-fashioned sloth) hamstrung me for a little while, but the auctions will be up by 3 pm ET tomorrow, I promise!

For now, I'm gonna hit you with a little preview track from the new Nigeria Special compilation.

Mind you, when I say "the new Nigeria Special compilation," I speak not of the collection that came out last month but the one that is coming out next week.

Talk about being spoiled for riches--I've been grooving out on the first part for the past month, and only last week did I start really seriously listening to disc 2! (True talk: I once spent like two whole days just listening to the Sahara All Stars Band of Jos's sublime but too, too short rendition of "Feso Jaiye" in a continuous loop!)

So yeah, it's almost overwhelming to think that before I'm even halfway through completely digesting the compilation, a piping hot second helping is already on the way!

And I do mean "hot"... As we have come to expect from Soundway, it's a solid set of tracks that are both hard and hard to find: I have no idea how Miles digs up these obscure LPs and lost 45s by forgotten artists. (I mean, Jay-U Experience? Voices of Darkness? And who knew SJOB Movement released a second album? Not me!)

The track I'm previewing over here is by an artist who is much less obscure, though the album this is taken from (1976's Tell My Girl) is less remembered these days and has been appearing on collectors' want lists these days.

(I might be putting a copy of the album up for sale tomorrow, by the way. We'll see.)

Bongos Ikwue & the Groovies - "You've Gotta Help Yourself"

So yeah... Help yourself to some of this disco funk on April 1 (March 31 in Europe)!

Oh yes... I nicked this link from Matsuli: Miles on the Belgian podcast, playing some selections from Nigeria Special and talking about the soul-crushingly tragic destruction of a whole heap of great Nigerian music from the 1960s and 70s. Check it out here.


dafriquan said...

Thanks for recommending part one of the Nigeria Special joint. I copped the CD a few weeks ago and it's ALL I have been listening. I might cave in and grab it on vinyl too. I noticed it was in the gate fold jackets!

Wolak said...

Brazillian and World Percussion

Comb & Razor said...

dafriquan -

yeah, i copped doubles of the vinyl. it is indeed a thing of beauty!

Wolak -

nice blog! i've been trying to find that first Timbalada LP too!

J Thyme...kind said...
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J Thyme...kind said...
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J Thyme...kind said...
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J Thyme...kind said...

About the age thing. This 49 year old would smack the fuckin' shit out of you little boy.

J Thyme...kind said...

You're the kind of moron who would stick his hand in the lion cage & wonder why he's missing an arm.
Just leave me alone.

Anonymous said...

Peace. I've said it before, but wonderful music and wonderful site!
Here's to all the gifts Africa has for the world: food, song, compassion and love of humanity. The Zulu word 'ubuntu' says it best.

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