Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who is Tony Barrett?

I feel like I should know who he is... The name does activate distant bells in my head... But I don't know; a handle like "Tony Barrett" could belong to any number of obscure soul, reggae or calypso singers.

(Yes, I realize the sleeve says "Tony Barreth," but the spelling on the label, Barrett, seems more likely to be correct and so I'm going to go with that.)

I do, however, know the band that backs Barrett on this 1977 soul workout--Samuel Abiloye Esse, Johnnie Woode Olimah, Ottay Hima Blackie and Bola Prince, better known as the SJOB (or S-Job) Movement.

Tony Barrett & the SJOB - "Mocking Lover Girl"

(I haven't completely worked out all the technical glitches, but small by small we're getting back into the game.)

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Tony said...

Great soul stuff, never seen this lp.