Monday, November 03, 2008

"Made in Nigeria" Part 7 is up on Boogieheads Radio!

Soundzzzzz of the 80s... And this time, it's a special guest mix by yours truly.

(I apologize for the slightly ropey production... I had some soft- and hardware issues to contend with.)

Check it out
Click here to listen


ms bazu said...

big up :)

Anonymous said...

Great job!...I always knew you had it in're the best...anyday!

Alex said...

80s Afrika! NICE 1

jeff said...

anywhere we can get the setlist for this... its great!!

Comb & Razor said...

Jeff -

the setlist is:

1. "Let's Love Each Other" - Emma Baloka
2. "Girls Reservation" - Robo Arigo
3. "Pretty Julie" - Donaldson Maduh Jr.
4. "PLease Don't Go" - Ken Eme
5. "Take My Hand" - Martha Ulkaeto
6. "Just U and Me" - Kingsley Bucknor
7. "Desire" - Hotline
8. "Magic" - Off-Ons Ideh with Cecily Omonhinmin
9. "Stay the Night" - Emeka Oxbon
10. "We Got To Love" - Alphonsus Idigo
11. "Jam II" - Rick Asikpo & Afro Fusion
12. "Don't Stop That Music" - Sony Enang

glad you're enjoying it!


jeff said...

thank you!!

Qpchan said...

Absolutly awesome, great selection, even if all tracks not my cup of tea, some real gems in here.. some of them I can find just zero infos on the web.. it's gonna be tricky to hunt ;)
thanxx a bunch for sharing your finds & knowledge, much respect for that!
Qpchan from Paris/France

Comb & Razor said...

thanks for checking it out, Qpchan... let me know if you need info about any of the tracks (i deliberately selected mostly super-obscure stuff!)