Sunday, June 21, 2009

Facts of the Apostles

The Apostles - "Feeling Happy"

I almost forgot to mention: If you are in the market for some firsthand accounts of the 1970s Eastern Nigerian rock scene, then I'd suggest that you check out the podcast by my cousin Dr. Frederick Nwosu a.k.a. "Arthur Freds," who was a keyboardist in several Aba-based bands including The Friimen, The Sweet Unit/Rock of Ages Band, The Vibrations and Jerry Boifriand's Exodus Bolt Junction as well as occasionally sitting in with groups like The Apostles and the Sweet Breeze.

He often recounts some of his experiences in the Aba music scene on his blog and his podcast can be found HERE.

The next show will stream live tomorrow, Monday June 22, at 12 PM (ET) and the subject will be The Apostles.

EDIT: Or actually, it looks like the next episode will be on the Friimen Rock Company... The last episode (which you can listen to at the link above) talked about Apostles, but I thought he was going to continue with that this week.


Tim said...

EXCELLENT. Thanks so much for both the song and the links. (And thanks again for helping me out a while back with the Flashback II album.)

Sean said...

Good research!

Onongaya said...

Oh my god, I haven't heard this song by The Apostles since I was at Iheoma Girls in the 1970s! I remember when my older brother took me to one of their concerts when I was just a teen. I beg, would u be willing to send me Highway To Success and Down Down The Valley? Those two were my favorite songs, those were the days when life was easy.

Comb & Razor said...

Onongaya -

Ha... I haven't heard about Iheoma Girls in ages!

Email me combrazor at yahoo dot com.