Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Escape from Lagos Part 2

(Or maybe this should be Part 4, considering the fact that I my last "Escape from Lagos" entry ended up posting three times and I never bothered to delete the extra ones)

We've been in Lag for more than two weeks now, and I have to admit that this trip has been something of a bust. Kinduva "one step forward, two steps backward" type thang.

Anyway, I just wanted to holler real quick because it's been a while since I posted anything... I'll be back in full force tomorrow, mi gente, this I promise. I'll also be back in Calabar tomorrow... We were supposed to have returned this evening, but we missed our flight. That's the thing about whenever we come to this monstrous metropolis... It's like the city swallows us and won't let us escape.

Oh yeah, I owe a whole bunch of you emails... Don't think I've forgotten. Thanks a lot for all your aid, support, and most of all for your belief.


buckshot said...


Just stopping by to show some love, man. Know that OKP + PTP is rooting for you (yes, even those hateful husks of humanity in the lesson). If you need anything, just hollur.

Loving the blog.

JRennoldz said...

Killer KAP,

You were right; Civil War is hella' whack now (due to a major delay via the writing "staff"). I'm eating my words but ay, you called this isht a few months ago. Props! Take care of yourself and stay up.



(Check Newsarama for the CW recap)

Seven said...

How you guys doing man??