Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shut up, Rosey! Shut up!


Denis, Koko and Nana sit in silence, pondering what they need to go through to complete TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

DENIS: Would you guys call me a bitch if I were to cry right now?


NANA: Actually, I’ve been kinda waiting for one of you guys to cry first so that I can feel like less of a bitch when I do.

KOKO: Keep waiting.



Grace lies on the couch watching Channel O, her feet in Nana’s lap as he gives her a rather half-ass foot massage.

GRACE: Maybe you should cry. You’ll probably feel better if you let it out instead of holding things in the way you do. (extends arms in an embrace) Come on… Let it all out.

NANA: Hell no. I’ll never cry. And you know who else never cried?

GRACE: John Wayne, shey?

NANA: The most the Duke ever did was turn away a little and say “Hol’ on a minnit, pardner… I think I got somethin’ in my eye” and then wipe away the eye-water and get back to the business of killin’ Injuns or Japs or gooks.

GRACE: You know this obsession with what John Wayne would and wouldn’t do is a crazy way to live your life, right?

NANA: So is making movies.


Akili said...

I agree with Grace. Crying and group hugs are in order.

JRennoldz said...

Kap, good stuff and I'm glad that things are going well. You come off as very upbeat and positive. With that said, I still want to help you out any way I can but I do not have a PAYPAL "thingie". Let me know what I can do...

Take care and I can't wait until your inevitable, yet triumphant return to the PTP.

But hey, you missed the mark on Civil War; it murders Infinite Crisis.



AFKAP of Darkness said...

haha... thanks a lot, JR! i'll hit you up later, and i can't wait to check out Civil War (in trades). i'm sure it murders IC... not like that's HARD to do or anything!

akon said...

i just read your blog. pretty interesting read. good luck with your movie. i'll keep reading, now that i discovered this.