Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Lijadu Sisters in Danger!

Alright, fam... This is basically my first attempt at ripping tracks from vinyl, so I hope it doesn't suck.

I had to use Final Vinyl, which doesn't give you as much latitude when it comes to manipulating the levels, and to make it worse, I had to run the audio directly from the turntable without the benefit of an intermediary amplifier.

To top it all off, for reasons I won't get into, I can't hear anything through my left ear at the moment, so I can't even tell you for sure if this thing came out sounding halfway decent! So let me know... If it sounds muddy or tinny, I'll re-do it with Audacity or something.

What we have here is the Lijadu Sisters' third album, from 1976, as produced by the talented Mr. Wright, as in Biddy. I'm not gonna talk too much about this one except to say that this is probably my favorite of all the Lijadu Sisters' records. It's pretty simple in formula and execution: most of the songs are basically one verse repeated over and over in almost trance-like fashion while Biddy and the band (well... Biddy is most of the band, isn't he?) improv tasty keyboard licks and low-impact guitar heroics around them.

The track that I've noticed being picked up most by podcasts and other compilers is "Life's Gone Down," but my pick for best cut on the album is "Amebo." That's a common term used to describe a gossip, derived from the name of a character with such tendencies on the classic sitcom The Village Headmaster.

(That's got nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I'd mention it. Oh well... Here's the credits:)

Biddy Wright: Lead and rhythm guitar, tenor saxophone, percussion and bass guitar
Ade Jolaoso: Bass guitar
Johnny Wood: Keyboards
Felix Shittu: Alto saxophone

All songs written and arranged by the Lijadu Sisters
Production by Biddy Wright
Recorded at Decca Studios, Abule-Oje, Lagos, Nigeria


EDIT: Damn, I messed up... Track 3 is actually called "Life's Gone Down Low." Do me a favor and correct that when you download it because I don't wanna have to re-upload the whole thing just to fix that one track title.

EDIT AGAIN: Yeah... It's been brought to my attention that (just as I suspected) the recording of this album is kinda effed up. So I've disabled the link. I'll let you know when I fix it.


Update 06/25/07: The link is back!

Also, I haven't been indicating what labels the records have been on for a while, have I? I know that info is important to a lot of people, so I'll do that from now on. This album came out on Afrodesia, which was an imprint of Decca West Africa.


Anonymous said...

The lovely Lijadu twins' Danger LP is on the decks at for the time being so perhaps it would be easier to link through them for you? I have no intention of redirecting traffic away from this blog though as it is INCREDIBLE. Much, MUCH thanx for doing this!

AFKAP of Darkness said...

wow.... wish i had known about that blog before; it would have saved me a gang of trouble!

thanks for the heads-up, Anonymous!

Slo Mo said...

Thank you SO much for posting this. I just stumbled across your site and it's excellent. I've been scouring the internet for the last several months trying to find Lijadu Sisters material. This is a godsend. Good looking out!

AFKAP of Darkness said...

thanks for reading, Slo Mo... and keep checking it out because there will be some more Lijadu Sisters music up soon (once i can drag my lazy ass to convert it!)

Al'Capote said...

Thanks a Bunch,

Though am just downloading this Lijadu sisters materials..but i have no doubt that it would be nice..pls help convert the others once..i will continue checking for updates..once again Thank you.


Ps, Are you Nigerian?

AFKAP of Darkness said...

don't worry, Capote... i'll be converting the others soon; i've just been very busy of late.

and yes, i am a proud Nigerian.

Capote said...

are they in MP3 format..still downloading..

AFKAP of Darkness said...

yep... everything on this blog is mp3. (i've been wanting to switch to posting m4a, but i don't think too many people use that)

Mr. Dubbs said...

Hmmm...not to be GREEDY, but is there any tiny chance that you'll be posting the Mother Africa or Sunshine by the Lijadu Sisters any time? I have Horizon Unlimited thanks to you and Danger (I was the "anonymous" who hepped you to club cortez), but I'm DYING to hear Sunshine! DYING I tell you!! You're my only hope! This blog is sweet regardless. Thanks for taking the time to do all this for us.

Comb & Razor said...


i was just thinking about that today!

i'll try to digitize the LP this weekend, i promise (i got to, since i'm running out of material to post, anyway!)

and again, thanks for the Club Cortez tip!

wienna said...

wow...the famous sunshine sisters. I used to watch their show religiously then.

Comb & Razor said...

oh... did they have a regular show?

i didn't even know that! hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Hi Wienna,

Just a note.

Lijadu Sisters are not also known as Sunshine Sisters. The sunshine sisters were a group of beautiful Nigerian Dancers aged probably between 7-16 years of age and there were at least 10 young girls in that group. The Lijadu Sisters have a song titled SUNSHINE.

Anonymous said...

You do not appreciate your wealth until you've lost it.

LIJADU SISTERS, we love you and we want to hear your beautiful voices again, please do some more recordings especially the traditional mellodies Please mas.

Someone thinks you are in your fifties, it shows you are aging gracefully despite everything. Please please, there's a standing ovation and we want an encore.

Anonymous said...

They had a show on NTA called the LIJADU Sisters show, it ran at the same time as the BALA MILLER show in the late 80s, round about 87/88 i think.

Comb & Razor said...

ahhh... i didnt even notice that Wienna said Sunshine Sisters.

oh well... nice to know that the Lijadus DID have a show, after all...

Anonymous said...

Wow, this album is a revelation! "Danger" is a great song, and the rest are enjoyable as well. I have the BLO recordings and the first Ofege LP, but didn't know about the LS. Thanks for posting, and for the informative and enjoyable write-ups.

P.S. I've posted this comment as "Anonymous" as I've had trouble with the Google/Blogger function. Just so you know, my name is Stan, and I live in New Jersey, US.

FM SHADES said...

Great Post,, the sound is weird, I checked it out and the channels are out of Phase. Do you still have the original rip? I could fix.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I'm so glad to listen to these voices once again after such a very long time

aislinn said...

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