Friday, June 15, 2007

Sometimes - only sometimes - I do really miss the eighties.*

Do you not love Shalamar?

If not, why not?

By the way, this was the group's first video featuring the great light-skinded singer Howard Hewett (the previous lead singer, of course, had been the obscure and much swarthier Gerald Brown). That boy's hair was a problem. He had that whole Lionel Ritchie thing going where his hair didn't know if it wanted to be a fro or a shag. It's very rare that I say this, but thank God for the Jheri curl. At the very least, its arrival served to resolve dilemmas such as this.

*Yes, yes, I know this song and video are actually from 1979, but it's Shalamar, man... Possibly the group that, more than any other, defined the first half of the 1980s for me. In my mind, they will always be an "80s band," y'know?


The Squeegee said...

whoa! memories! (i concur, and also emphasize the "SOMETIMES"... ;-)

AFKAP of Darkness said...

i knew somebody out there must know what i'm talking about here

*hugs (very carefully so as not to smear Jheri juice)*

Vincent said...

Damn, what a relic that is... I too am a fan of the Sound Of Los Angeles (Shalamar, Lakeside, etc.) Although I can readily admit to NEVER putting any Pro Line products in my hair, I did spend a period of my life wearing a process. Boy, what a life, huh?

AFKAP of Darkness said...

how you gonna get respect when you ain't cut yo' process yet, Vince?

SOLAR was the shit... coulda been the Motown of the 80s, but things didn't work out that way.

it's really weird when you think that the attempt to resuscitate Solar resulted in the creation of Death Row records (a label whose output - with very few exceptions - i resolutely despised)