Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Pound No Balance

It appears a lot of people enjoyed the clip from "The Stephen Osita Osadebe Show" I posted last week and want to see more.*

So here's some more.

I'm still posting these short clips on YouTube just for the sake of continuity (plus, somewhere deep down inside I probably want to be a YouTube star) but I'll soon start putting up longer versions on Dailymotion.

*What I found interesting though is that the clip of the much more obscure Golden Sounds I uploaded to YouTube on the same day has received well over two times the number of views of the Osadebe video--thanks probably to the World Cup-fueled renewed interest in "Zangalewa"/"Waka Waka." I really hope the Golden Sounds can harness this attention into a strong comeback!


Anonymous said...

That is definitely historical piece!
Btw I really liked the "Zangalewa" song (or is it the artist?), do you have a longer video of it? Lately I've been just watching all of your vids and I love em! I also found a half hour long piece of Fela Kuti concert (I highly recommend watching you to watch it!)

Comb & Razor said...

"Zangalewa" is the name of the song, but I understand that the group Golden Sounds themselves later became known as "Zangalewa"! You want an even longer version? I think the one I posted was like 10 minutes! I understand, though... It's one of those songs you kinda don't want to end!

I'd like to take a look at this Fela piece you're talking about... Where is it?

Kai's Videos said...

Yhis is a gr8!

Could you post the entire piece?
I want to see that conga drummer finish waht he started!!!
He rocks!


Be good.

Comb & Razor said...

KV -

I'll post it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

That footage is massive!