Monday, May 30, 2011

Brand New Wayo, ça dechire en France!

pub radio de BNW by combrazor

BRAND NEW WAYO est deja dans les bacs et les bons points de vente en ligne... disponible en CD et double vinyle! ACHETEZ VOTRE COPIE AUJOURD'HUI!!!

(Merci à Differ-ant)


airmanchairman said...

I remember this from the funky seventies - please remind me, Comb abd Razor, who was it?

The Funkees?

Comb & Razor said...

You mean the track on the ad? That is "A Brand New Wayo" by Mixed Grill... a second version of the song was recorded by Steeve Black.

Anonymous said...

razor -- just fyi that i picked up the cd in philadelphia the other day and it is outstanding! i haven't read the book yet but the cd is getting near-constant play! great job!!!! dg

Comb & Razor said...

That's great, dg! I love to hear that you're loving it!

Anonymous said...

Hello C&R, just listen to this collector CD yesterday, I can't believe I bought it almost a month ago and it was sleeping on my desk until now... I'm upside down, can't stop listening to it !! 79-83 What an era of funkiness in Nigeria !!! Now I'm looking for the LPs & I will ruin myself, thank you !! ;°)

I got a problem with the (incredible) song "Listen to the music" by Bayo Damazio, there are some really noticeable defaults in the sound, is my cd damaged or were those defaults on the original record which was ripped ? This song is so amazing I'm really disappointed by that, otherwise the entire cd rocks and sound is pretty good !! And not even to mention the booklet waouh I was totally caught on reading it for an entire hour and there are yet dozen of pages still waiting for me !! Congrats for that and provide us with the next volume very fast ! Double F

Comb & Razor said...

Hi Double F -

About that Bayo Damazio track... It's not just your CD. There are in fact some seconds of sound degradation and that was something I was quite concerned about.

You know that the original master tapes for all these records are not available so we have to master from the best copy of the vinyl we can find. I noticed the defaults on "Listen to the Music" on a mint copy of the record, so I went and got another copy and it had the same thing! Still not satisfied, I got a third copy and it still had the same sound!

In the end, I had to conclude that this defect was on the original record (probably some pressing issue) and after it could not be removed, I considered dropping the track from the compilation and replacing it with something else... But like you said, the track is so amazing that I had to keep it and hope that the defect doesn't ruin anybody's enjoyment of it!

Thanks a lot for your comments and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the CD!


Double F said...

Ok that's what I thought. Is the whole record full of such flaws ? Or did we run out of luck especially with this song ? ANyway thanks to have kept it selected it's wonderful - as the entire selection

Comb & Razor said...

Just that song. I thought of using a different track from the same album instead, but I was just too in love with that song!

Sisamouth said...

je confirme ! ca déchire grave en France ! Au moins chez moi, ca déchire !