Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Y'see.... This whole thing is kinda like hills and valleys

On some days we are SO high that we could reach up and give a pound to God because we KNOW we are gonna be mega-successful with this project because everything is SO in sync and all these serendipitous miracles present themselves and show us that the Universe itself has decreed that TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL WOMAN is totally gonna be The Schitt

...and then there are days when it seems like the gods themselves have conspired against us and have marshaled their vast powers to ensure that we fail on every level.

Guess what kinda day today has been? (Not to mention yesterday and the day before?)

Right now, I'm sitting in a mall sipping pineapple juice and listening to a string version of "Light My Fire"... One of the security guards who searched our bags as we came in cordially greeted Denis as "nigger" and that made me chuckle for a second, but that might have been the only jollity in my day so far... Man, John Wayne forgive me, but I almost wanted to sit down and cry this afternoon on account of all the hiccups and humiliations we've sufferred lately.

But on the real, reading you guys' encouraging comments on this blog made me feel a LOT better in a matter of seconds... I really appreciate all the support.

I probably won't have enough time to make that super-post I promised right now, but I'll drop a few entries chronicling my first couple of days (there's much more to come... believe me: I haven't even got to the GOOD part yet!)

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