Monday, June 23, 2008

This song been in my head all week: Joe Arroyo - "Rebellion (No le pegue a la negra)"

Of course, this song is in my head like 60% of the time, anyway.

Feels like an eternity since I've blogged with any regularity... It's been a lot of work, a bit of play... and some other stuff.

Hope to be back soon with more niceness.


Africolombia said...

Comb & razor,

Thank you for show in you blog to the Joe Arroyo, an artist is very apreciate for us Colombians, especially on the north coast of Colombia.
the songs, The Revelion and the Centurion of the Night(la Revelion y El Centurion de la Noche) are my favorite.

on the previous post of the Oliver de Coke, and watching a bit views, I want to share 2 songs from Oliver,

With lovingly and respectfully to their memory.



Comb & Razor said...

yes, Fabian... i love Joe Arroyo!

and thank you for the Oliver de Coque tracks... i will add them to the other post!

Africolombia said...

I will also send you some of the songs Joe Arroyo

Best Regards,

NO-BIZZI said...


Big post

Adeyera said...

Won't we miss King Oliver! Just last week I was reading his personal tribute to Sunny Okosuns. Thanks for the post and for all material you posted on Okosuns. I always loved Okosuns' music - sweet sweet melodies!

Adeyera said...

Just saw your post on Sola Allyson - I wonder if you know Beautiful Nubia, he's the supposed 'baba' of all folk-oriented, neo-traditional musicians in Nigeria at the moment (so says my wife who's gloating that I have become the guy's most ardent fan and promoter after years of questioning her love for his music). Here's the gentleman's site

Anonymous said...

Great stuff as always. Have missed your missives ...
Still hoping one day to beat the summer heat with the rest of that wonderful Niger delta opera ... man, I wish I was in Lagos in the '70s.

Comb & Razor said...

thanks a lot, G...

yeah, sorry i haven't been able t write much lately... i've been crazy busy, but i hope to be back on the beat very soon!

ORO said...

Here my new african blog:

Enjoy my presents


DanFodio said...

this song makes me wanna...

Africolombia said...

Hí Comb & razor,

Joe Arroyo - Colombia Music


Comb & Razor said...

thanks, Fabian!

Juan Duque said...


greetings from another big african music fan in central Colombia (Medellín). To me, Joe Arroyo is one of the best artists that this country has produced. When he was at the top of his game, he was a force of nature. Now, he is a shadow of what he once was, sadly, but that does not diminish the amazing contribution he made. I saw him about 3 months ago, and he was allright (i saw him in worse shape 6 years ago) and the band was cracking, but it just wasn't the same. Still, a legend. I have always planned to put some of his stuff up on my (long abandoned) blog, so maybe i ll take this as an excuse to do so!!


Comb & Razor said...

thanks a lot, Juan!

(sorry i missed this comment earlier!)