Monday, June 02, 2008

This Song Been In My Mind All Week

The Sylvers - "Wish That I Could Talk To You"

> S I G H <


T said...

Great song, criminally underrated group. And man I used to crush on those two girls SO hard.

Comb & Razor said...

oh yrah... those Sylvers sisters were sweet as you wanna be!

Anonymous said...

What a CHOON!! Like t said, The Sylvers were such an underrated group, and so criminally under-represented on CD. Thankx for posting this U!


Comb & Razor said...

mm hm... they suffered under the burden of being regarded as a bootleg Jackson family, but they were really quite special... particularly in terms of the production skills they came to show as time went on.

Peter said...

U -

Personal fave and despite what may sound like sacrilege, I've always thought them to be better (and more consistent) than the J5. It is quite lamentable that their (especially early) output hasn't been properly documented in the digital era.

Drop me a line sometime - hope and trust all is well.