Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Boogieheads "Made in Nigeria" Part 5 up now!

It's been quite a while since our boy Obafunkie jR posted up a new show on Boogieheads Radio, and I for one have been left feenin' for his patented boogie and modern soul selections.

Well, Obafunkie is back with the latest installment of his "Made in Nigeria" series, end-to-end loaded with burning Nigerian boogie and disco tracks... many so rare that I can't even identify them!

(I know this glossy 1980s stuff isn't everybody's bag, but sit tight: in a fortnight, the sixth chapter will serve up lots of hard-edged, gritty funk and afrobeat from the 70s!)

Check it out at


bilge said...

love the '80 sounds like the track who starts at 00:21:00,
Hotline "can you do it",
or stuff like you posted once from dizzy k.,thanks

Comb & Razor said...

bilge -

yeah, that Hotline LP is pretty damn hot... i might be posting some tracks from it later!