Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get Yer Ju-Ju's Out: He is Heavy... He is My Brother

Actually, I don't know for a fact that Bob Aladeniyi is King Sunny Ade's younger brother, but I think he is (anybody in the know, feel free to confirm or repudiate this).

What is certain is that Aladeniyi, with his showy guitaristics, was an integral player in Ade's African Beats. In some quarters, it is believed that he was the true musical voice of the band and that he played most of Ade's licks on record and on stage (Victor Uwaifo in particular has alleged that KSA only "pretends" to play guitar).

I don't know about all that... This LP is very much in the same afrobeat-infused vein as much of KSA's later 1970s work; Aladeniyi apparently even attempts to approximate his boss's feathery tenor at times, but his voice is considerably gruffer. The guitar heroics, however, stay as inventive and heavy as ever.


1. Gbedo-Gbedo
2. Itelorun Kosi Feiye Ega
3. Loju Won Lo Pe Si
4. Gegele L'Obi Gegele
5. Ile Ogere A Da
6. Awa Ti Juba Fun Won

1. Idahun Re L'Anreti
2. A Njuwon
3. Gale Gale Ewe Odan
4. Ijo Shower



icastico said...

Another nice one.
Made my walk to work much more pleasant.

tubeworms said...

Thank you for this! Great stuff:-)

kreismyr said...

My ju-ju's are always out, sir! Much obliged.

calumbinho said...

Wow, i'm LOVING this one. With all due repect to the King, I think I actually prefer this (in terms of voice, guitar and general band playing) to the Sunny Ade I've listened to so far.
And BTW, I didn't know Uwaifo had such a sharp tongue, he he...

Comb & Razor said...

calumbinho -

oh yeah, Victor Uwaifo has never been one to be shy with his opinion! i wanted to link up an interview in which gets quite technical about describing how KSA is very good at "holding the guitar" while someone behind him plays... i couldn't find the interview, though!

but yeah, i think Bob's sound is a bit heavier and grittier, hence the "rock" in the juju...

calumbinho said...

Is there a volume 2?

Comb & Razor said...

There probably is a Vol. 2... Not in my collection, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is so great: the stories, the memories and the musical treasures. As more than a 25 years follower and admirer of KSA's juju and searcher of other Nigerian musicians, I see your blog as one of the few superb pages. I enjoy the music very much. Thank you so much for it.

Comb & Razor said...

Thank you so much for reading!

Fred said...

I need to check this album out! As far as Uwaifo's comments go, I don't believe them. Every guitar player's tone/sound is unique. KSA has had several lead players over the years in his band. How can they all create the exact style behind KSA?

This year, KSA had only one guitar player on tour with him. When KSA played his characteristic parts on the guitar, the lead player switched to playing tenor. You could hear two distinct lines being played.

On the very early albums, when the Green Spots, and later the African Beats, recorded they did so live. There was no over-dubbing. Again, you heard two distinct guitars and the bass. Often, the guitar parts overlapped. It would have been impossible for Bob Aladeniyi to play his parts and Sunny's parts simultaneously as others have stated without over-dubbing.